I am pleased to annouce the debut of “The Great American Home Giveaway!”

September 17, 2008

What is The Great American Home Giveaway you ask?


The S.A.F.E Foudation, Inc. is a Registered Non-Profit Charity of South Carolina dedicated to helping Disaster Stricken Families all across the United States. S.A.F.E has hired K-3 Promotions to assist in The Giveaway and help raise funds for these Disaster Stricken Families and help our suffering economy at the same time.


Why a home giveaway?


The construction industry, as you know, is the entire backbone of our economy, but it has gotten so bad that it has gotten to the point that it is now affecting the property values of every American homeowner across our great nation. It’s putting our builders, supply companies, manufacturers and our Lending Institutions in devastating financial situations. It has driven our countries overall economy to frighteningly low levels.


How can S.A.F.E’s Great American Home Giveaway help all these problems?


If we can help eliminate the massive amount of Builders Inventoried homes at fair market value, it will help restore homeowner’s property values, let the Builders payoff their construction loans to the Lending Institutions and put the Builders back to work.

If the Builders go back to work, the Sub-Contractors, Bulding Supply Companies, Real Estate Agents, Closing Attorneys and Lending Institutions, just to name a few, are saved and all go back to work.


How do you participate and have a chance to win a Brand New House?


By visit The Great American Home Giveaway website, you can follow the links to where you can make a donation. For every $25 donation, you’ll be entered into the drawing for a 1 in 5 chance to win. Yes, 1 in 5. There are 5 houses in the first drawing that you have a chance of winning. It’s as simple as that.


Can you up your odds of winning?


Of course! Donate $25 and you’ll be able to enter the drawing. Donate $50 and you can enter twice. Donate $75 and you’ll be able to enter 3 times and so on…


For all the rules, regulations and any further questions, please check out our sites at:



also check us out at Youtube and Myspace